When it comes to organizing your wedding day, there are a few key things to remember. Not too many, just a few that can make or break your photos and film.

Read on to see how you can get the best out of your photo and film team:

1. Think about your getting ready location.

Want to know what one of the most super-fun parts of your day will be? Believe it or not, if done right, it just might be those special moments shared with your nearest and dearest as you’re getting dressed and ready for your big day. And there’s no greater joy than looking back on those moments AFTER your wedding. To do this, you need to ensure your location is ready for when your photographer and videographer arrive.

A few key elements to remember:

· Make sure your chosen location suits the vibe that you want for your photography and film

· Check to make sure the area is neat and tidy for when your photographer and videographer arrive

· Make sure only the people you want to be there are in the room – unexpected family or friends popping in and out can cause stress – taking away from the fun vibe you’re creating in the room

· If both lovers are wanting to be photographed, ensure your rooms are close by. Better yet, scrap tradition and get ready in the same room! That way your photographer and videographer can capture you together! Believe us when we say, it just might take the stress away from that first look at the ceremony. Quite often this method helps eliminate the wedding jitters straight up!

2. Do a ‘first look’ before the ceremony

Feeling super nervous about the ceremony? You’re not alone! This is completely normal. Ever considered having a ‘first look’ with your partner? This quite often eliminates nerves, and couples find they enjoy their day even more once that special moment is behind them.

It really is a super special moment you can have together alone rather than in front of all your guests. Don’t worry! There’s no need for your photographer and videographer to be all up in your grill! They can just as easily capture those beautiful moments from afar. Having your audio recorded also makes for some amazing footage for your highlight film.

3. Do your couples shoot YOUR WAY

We always suggest doing your wedding party photos first. That way you can send them on their way so your photographer and videographer can focus on just the couple.

· Bringing some fun little props along can help take away photo nerves. Think hats, sunnies, cigars, shots, champagne – whatever you’re into! It’s YOUR day, do it YOUR way and have some FUN!

· Creating a little styled ‘set up’. This element can add something super unique and different to your special day.

· Consider hiring a wicked car for your couples shoot with your photographer and videographer. Forget about transport to and from, you want that beast in your photos!

· Remember to have fun and interact with each other – natural shots are always the best. Above all else, DON’T look at the cameras! In fact, forget they’re there altogether.

4. Your Party YOUR way

Make it the party that you would want to be at! And let your photographer and videographer capture the magic.

· Consider a few things when planning: Do you want to sit with your guests at a table or sit separately from them? Do you want to sit at all? If you have a wedding party – why not let them sit with their partners? That way your wedding photographer and videographer can capture them naturally– together!

· What about your first dance? Is it your thing? What about a 1st ‘shot’ together? Maybe organise a crazy activity that’s fun for you and your guests? Your photographer and videographer will have an absolute field day with this!

· Cake or no cake? The choice is all yours. Either way, your photographer and videographer will work around your choices.

· What’s your choice of entertainment? If you are hiring a musician, make sure you stalk them BEFORE you book them! They need to suit YOUR party vibe. A lot of live musicians now offer DJ’ing as well. This is the perfect mix to keep your party going.

5. Timing is everything when it comes to your photographer and videographer

Talk to your wedding venue, coordinator, wedding photographer, and videographer about how YOU want to run your day. Trash the traditional timelines, and make time for the things that are important on YOUR day.

· Ask yourself, do you want to spend more time with your guests before rushing off for photos? Make your ceremony time earlier to allow for this. You might even like to look into a cocktail-style evening so you can move around and chat to everyone, giving your photographer and videographer enough ammo to make a killer highlight film.

· When it comes to the couples shoot – depending on location – always allow around 1.5 hours and make sure this is just before sunset. We promise you won’t regret it! This gives your photographer and videographer the best lighting for photos. Trust us, you’ll look AMAZING! Also if photos really aren’t your thing we can smash this out in 15-20mins, the choice is yours.

Ready to book your wedding photographer and videographer?

Contact Untamed Creative – see what all the hype is about! So many couples say their wedding day is a blur. That’s why it’s SO important to book a reputable photographer and videographer. At Untamed Creative, we come as a team. We already vibe, so no worries there! And we aim to vibe with our couples too! Here to support your choices and bring out your best selves, we’re here to make your day UNFORGETTABLE! Get in contact with us online. Or give us a call, 0431 572 340. Let’s catch up and capture all the feels!


August 2, 2022

Top 5 Tips for Couples Getting Married

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