Here are our top 5 tips for all lovers looking at getting hitched!

1. Think about your getting ready location.

On your big day, lover, picking the right spot to get glammed up ain’t just about the mirror selfies, it’s about setting the vibe! You gotta have that epic getting ready location that screams luxury and YOUR vibes, like, we talkin’ boujee mirrors, plush sofas, and all the glam space a queen or king needs! ‘Cause when you’re getting dolled up for your “I do” moment, you wanna feel like a million bucks from the moment you wake up, yasss! Not to mention, you’re going to have your photography team there capturing all the goodness as well – so what’s you vibe baby? So, lovers, don’t play yourself, go big or go home with that getting ready spot—it’s where the magic begins, and trust me, you wanna be drippin’ in finesse from the get-go!

2. Do a ‘first look’ before the ceremony

Let us tell you something, lover, having that first look with your boo before the ceremony is like setting the mood for the whole day! You wanna lock eyes with your love and have that moment where it’s just you two, feeling all the feels, and getting hyped for what’s about to go down! It’s like a sneak peek of the magic that’s gonna happen later, and trust me, it gets you in the zone, ready to slay the whole wedding vibe! Plus, it gives you a chance to calm those pre-wedding jitters and soak in all the love and excitement before the craziness kicks in. So, king + queens, don’t sleep on that first look moment—it’s all about building up that energy and sharing a special, intimate connection with your ride-or-die before you say “I do” and make it official!

3. Do your couples shoot YOUR WAY

Let us spill some real tea, babes! When it comes to your couples wedding shoot, you gotta do it YOUR way, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, OK? Forget them old-school traditions that try to box you in—this is your moment to shine and show off your love in all its glory! Whether you wanna get wild with poses, rockin’ funky outfits, or choose a vibe that’s totally outta this world, it’s all about expressing YOUR love story authentically and boldly. Don’t be afraid to break the rules, kings + queens, ’cause when you do you, that’s when the magic truly happens! So, lovers, remember, it’s your day, your love, your rules—let your personalities shine bright like diamonds in those wedding shots, and trust me, they’ll be iconic AF!

4. Your Party YOUR way

Listen up, lovers, when it comes to your reception party on your big day, you gotta make sure it’s poppin’ off EXACTLY how you want it, no compromises! This ain’t the time to hold back or settle for less—this is YOUR celebration, your time to shine, and your chance to throw the most lit party of the year! From the music to the decorations to the menu, everything gotta be on point and reflect your vibe, your style, your love story. Don’t let nobody tell you how to turn up at your own wedding, ’cause this is your moment to create memories that’ll last a lifetime! So, go all out, be extra AF, and make that reception party a true reflection of you and your boo’s love—it’s gonna be a night to remember, trust and believe!

5. Choosing a videographer and photographer that vibe!

When it comes to your wedding day, babes, having your photographer and videographer vibe with you and each other is like hitting the jackpot! These folks are gonna be by your side the whole time, capturing every smile, tear, and twirl, so you gotta make sure the energy is on point! It’s all about that connection, that chemistry that makes the magic happen—the way they click with you and each other can turn those ordinary shots into jaw-dropping, heart-stopping memories for a lifetime. So, don’t sleep on the importance of that vibe, lovers! When your photographers and videographers are in sync and feeling the groove, trust and believe, your wedding day story is gonna be told in a way that’s pure fire!

Ready to book your wedding photographer and videographer?

Let me tell you something, lovers, when it comes to booking your wedding videographer and photographer, you gotta make sure they’re bringing that A-game! Like, we talkin’ more than just cameras and tripods—they gotta be on another level, capturing your love story in a way that’s pure magic! Check out their portfolios, vibe with their style, and make sure they understand your vision down to the last detail. ‘Cause when you find that epic duo who gets you, your vibe, and your love, trust and believe, your wedding day memories are gonna be legendary! So, don’t settle for less—go all out and secure those rockstar videographers and photographers who’ll turn your special day into a blockbuster hit! Get in contact with us online. Or give us a call, 0431 572 340. Let’s catch up and capture all the feels!


August 2, 2022

Top 5 Tips for Couples Getting Married

Dani Knight


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