A little about us

Hey there, it's your girl Dani, the mastermind behind the photography lens, here to sprinkle some fierce vibes into your world.  Ready to dive into a photography experience like no other? Buckle up, 'cause we're about to take your love story to new heights!

Want your photos to have that "wow" factor? Say goodbye to basic and hello to extraordinary! I'm here to make you feel like the rockstar that you are with a dash of flair and a whole lotta sass.

You want captivating, emotion-packed visuals that scream YOUR love story, not just any old tale. Well, guess what? I've got you covered!

No more settling for ordinary. It's time to embrace the extraordinary. With my guidance, get ready to stand out, turn heads, and own every frame like the superstar you are. Let's make magic happen - because your love story deserves nothing less.

Not just a photographer. your hype girl and bringer of dance moves

Dani - Photographer

A little about us

Hey you, Nikki here. Feeling a bit camera-shy or lost in the lights? No worries, let's talk about creating that jaw-dropping, show-stopping vibe that's all about YOU.

Imagine this: stepping into the frame feeling like a boss, radiating confidence and charisma that steals the spotlight. Say goodbye to filming fears and hello to being the star of your own blockbuster! 

It's not just about looking good on camera; it's about feeling like a million bucks, Let's amplify your energy, and tell your story in a way that leaves jaws dropped and hearts racing.

So, buckle up, embrace the thrill, and let's get filming. It's your time to dominate, get ready to own the screen, own the moment, and unleash your inner superstar. Lights, camera, boom!

Not just a Film Maker, An instant friend and a self proclaimed comedian

Nikki - videographer

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Dani & Niki are hands down best in the business! We had an absolute blast with the girls on our big day. Both my wife and I are not naturals in front of the camera but with Dani & Niki as the ultimate hype team we literally felt like celebrities! If you are looking for a fun professional and talented team to capture your special day stop looking, you’ve found them! There are not enough thank you’s we can give the girls and we wish we could do it all again!


Niki and Dani really are the very best at what they do! We had the most amazing day and they were so easy to work with, directing us and ensuring they got every shot possible. Their energy is infectious - they were by the best money we spent on our special day! Thank you 1000x over, you really made our special day that much more memorable! 


Cannot recommend Untamed Creative enough! We couldn't be happier with our wedding photos & film, they've exceeded all expectations we ever had! I thought we'd be so awkward in front of the camera but Dani and Nikki are absolute legends and made us feel so comfortable! We had so much fun hanging out with them while they captured every beautiful moment of our day! 


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